Jade Regent

The Rise and Fall of Spivey

Session 5

The party entered the kitchen and swiftly attacked the surprised troglodytes, taking them all out before they could retreat to the arena with well-placed blows and a sleep spell by Cusp. They raided the armory, and then took out Orbhakhaj, the troglodyte leader, and his consorts in the arena. After opening a few more doors, the party investigated the cistern, disturbing the ogre jailer, Slugwort, who surprised them by opening the door to the adjacent dungeon. A vicious battle ensued, in which Dreki took a mighty blow and was rushed into the pool, but the party were victorious again through some useful grease spells from Cusp, defensive tactics, and a final killing blow from Gelden.
In the dungeon, they found a prisoner, Kelda Oxgutter, an Ulfen warrior who was the sole survivor of the longship sunk in the harbor. They freed her and returned her gear as she told them of a tentacled, bat-winged horror that had taken her captive after she found her way into the dungeons from a secret passage in the forest
After investigating the door to the crypt with its image of Pharasma, and deciding not to damage it, they investigated other unexplored passages, killing a phycomid before turning back to the only way left. The party was still nervous about damaging the image of Pharasma, but Kelda showed no such compunction, and kicked it open, while warning that glowing, floating lights at the end of the room looked similar to those she had seen where she had been captured. Kelda’s bravery was suddenly cowed, however, when an image of Pharasma herself appeared at the end of the crypt and bid them enter peacefully, without weapons or armor. While the others hung back, Kelda and Dreki laid down their weapons and armor and approached the goddess but, to their horror, the image proved to be trickery evoked by the tentacular horror, a fiendish decapus called Nindinzego, the creature that had captured Kelda. Rising from beneath the edge to a dark cavern on bat-liked wings, it grabbed Dreki with its tentacles. The barbarian struggled mightily and managed to escape, but it only grabbed him once again before he could escape its reach, constricting him into unconsciousness before dragging him off the edge of the cliff where his body dropped out of sight.
A long fight ensued in which Nindinzego used an unholy blight and a wand of scorching ray to great effect, and forcing the PCs into a fighting retreat. The party, and Dreki in particular, would almost definitely have been killed were it not for the timely intervention of a tiny lyrakien azata that had been secretly following them since they honored the shrine to Desna in the graveyard. The lyrakien’s healing spells and channels augmented Gelden’s tireless efforts to keep the party conscious during the retreat. The party, with Kenna and Kelda, retreated back through the castle while the lyrakien stayed behind to help Kikuko escape too (Kiku had been enlarged during the battle and couldn’t squeeze through a tight spot in the main passage so had to retreat around the cistern area instead. All eventually managed to give Nindinzego the slip and escape back over the walls and into the forest. All of them at one point had been knocked out and thus the lyrakien, whose name they now learned was Spivey, had proven critical to their survival.
They all returned to the caravan where everyone was introduced and the details of their mission to Brinewall was revealed to their new allies, each of whom pledged their aid. Spivey, who was a cleric of Desna, worked with Koya to use scrolls of remove curse to remove the strange afflictions from Gelden and Kiku.
Just as they were settling down for the night, they heard a horrific howling in the distance, which deeply unsettled them all and, after falling asleep, Dreki fell victim to the same nightmare that had been troubling Gelden but Koya used the last of Spivey’s scrolls to remove the curse from Dreki, enabling him to sleep peacefully.
The next day, the party and their new allies returned to Brinewall and entered the dungeons by way of the secret passage that Kelda guided them to. The passage led to a secret door in the wall of Nindinzego’s cavern and, as they emerged, they discovered the horror awaiting them with some dire corby guards. It ambushed them with unholy blight and darkness, but this time the party was prepared. Both Dreki and Kiku were enlarged, and Kenna had enchanted Dreki’s bardiche with a new spell she had discovered. As those who could not see in the darkness retreated from its area of effect to deal with the dire corbies, Dreki, Kenna, and Spivey focused on the decapus—Dreki meting out some huge blows. Badly injured, the fiendish creature retreated to a narrow passage while bringing its wand to bear. In a moment of madness or ill-advised bravery, Spivey flew close up to the creature to try to finish it off with a blast of starlight. Tragically, her reckless gamble failed: Nindinzego smote the lyrakien and ripped the poor creature limb from limb just moments before Dreki finally managed to strike the decapus down. And thus, Nindinzego had its revenge on the azata who had saved the lives of its victims the day before.


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