Jade Regent

The Warding Box

Session 7

Cusp’s Log

We’ve managed to defeat the oni tengu, at which point, Ziobe has turned on us and we’ve been forced to slay her. Then more waves of creatures came at us including dire corbies, a giant spider and an ettercap (both of which fled when wounded), a mobat, and finally a female spell-slinging dire corby. The battle is epic and we unfortunately lose Kenna but defeat our enemies.

We head back to the caravan for the night and return the next day. Ameiko speaks during the night, her mind awash in a fever sea. “One treasure beyond two seals in the third vault.” she whispers. We head back to the fortress and find that the ettercap has dragged the mobat into the woods, a number of doors we cannot open, and that the oni was preparing or writing some kind of play about a murder of crows that turns into some crazed humans. On the upper level, we come upon a sobbing childlike spirit that seems to seek company due to an unlife of crushing loneliness. The child had drawn images of Eastern men and giants attacking the village, hinting at the troubled past of this fortress town.

We find a way down behind the iron door, and release a wight wearing the helm of the fort’s standing army commander. A letter in the room speaks of a night attack by men dressed in dark robes. We finally find another set of steps down to an iron portcullis, beyond which we encounter what seems to be the spirit of Rokuro Kaijitsu, who reacts only when his name is spoken aloud. He bids us to take the Seal away from here, pointing to a wall. We seem very close to uncovering Ameiko’s birthright. We find a secret cavity, and open it to reveal three darkwood chests, bound in bronze. The middle chest pops open at the touch and reveals an Eastern puzzle box. We take all the chests and return to the caravan.


Al_Rigg ameeraiya

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