Jade Regent

The Yamabushi Tengu

Session 6

Cusp’s Log

We’ve managed to kill the decapus but we lose poor dear Spivey in an uncharacteristic flourish of foolishness. A terrible day indeed. In the creatures lair, we find some magical objects and strange burst egg-like sacs. There are quite a few magical items, including a wayfinder and a ring of the ram. There is also a bizarre disk that releases a strange magic when brought close to something. We acquire a cursed winged statuette, as Kiku’s movements are affected when she picked it up. The only way from here it seems, is back up another staircase.

After more sniffing around, we encounter a young female harpy calling herself Ziobe. She beseeches us to ally with her against the leader of the dire corbies, who is an oni tengu by the name of Kikonu—we suspect her lover, possibly jilted or betrayed. She tells of Nindenzigo the decapus, and Buttersnips the quickling. We show her the disk, and the statuette and her eyes went wide as she seems to yearn for it. We offered her the statuette if she would help us safely into the vaults, though warned her of its curse. It seems both sides have a mutual desire to do Kikonu harm, and will benefit from this alliance.

We eventually find the oni up in a tower abutting a battlement and join with him in battle, along with a bunch of his dire corby retinue…


Al_Rigg ameeraiya

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