Jade Regent

Session 19

Session 19

Cusp’s Log

We emerge out of the forest and don’t feel there has been any passage of time. An 800 mile long journey over the crown of the world to Tian-Xia lays before us. In the early days, we pass between the Stonespear and Rimethirst mountains and so a week passes and we celebrate the Equinox by breaking out the bog nuts and whatever spare wine and ale that we have. One day, we must deal with a terrible snow storm forcing us to hunker down. We travel for a few weeks and thankfully there are not too many other storms for us to contend with. We eventually come to the northern slopes of the Rimethirst. and enter rugged hill country named Urjuk, a realm once inhabited by giants who for the most part have migrated away. Apparently, giants come here to take their final marches and die. Having come through pretty desolate terrain, this area feels more lush and we come to a copse of trees with many ravens flocking about it. We decide to scout ahead, but Gelden attempts an augury first, which doesn’t reveal much. We leave the caravan and approach the copse when a strange noise booms out scattering the ravens.
" You have violated the sacred lands of the giants." We spy the red-pinioned raven and Cusp calls for the voice’s owner to reveal itself at which point we are swarmed by the flock, and attacked by a great wolf and giant. We vanquish our foes and even manage to kill the red-pinioned raven. We track the giant to a den and find the remains of one Kargun Yamachuck, a fallen guide. In the deceased’s possessions, we find a scroll tube containing a map of the Path of Arganhei, which should help us on our travel.

We continue our travel, skirting around the Taraska river, across the Hoarwell March, and up towards Unimo, which should allow us to climb up to the High Ice. We travel past the Alabastrian Peaks, and past the [Insert] to Jargen, and through the Hall of Heaven and down into Horngarl. Of course, we could shave off some time by cutting through the hill country of the Garjuks or down through lake country and so wee decide to take the lower path of the lake country and further on, spy an odd cabin. There is wildlife around, which is heartening to see, and daylight is waning and we are coming into polar twilight.

We eventually emerge from the marshlands and find a group of lodgings. An old woman calls to us from one of these, and Cusp rather naively decides that we should break bread with her. On entering her home though, she reveals herself as a Witchfire Hag kicks the hell out of us, killing Kiku and then making her ethereal escape into the frozen night.


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