Jade Regent

Session 21

Cusp’s Log

We travel north towards the Alabstine Peaks, across the frozen wastelands for a number of weeks. As we travel towards the Storm Tower, the amount of blizzards start to increase. One day, we encounter some Frost Giants, but they are quite intimidated by the site of Vezundavaag draconic head, mounted on the front of our lead caravan.

On the eve of Cusp’s birthday, we see the Storm Tower looming high above the plains around it. We leave the caravan hidden amongst the feet of mountains, as we decide to take the rest of the journey on foot. The tower itself is surrounded by hundreds of skeletons, which we can’t avoid and are forced to fight and we destroy many of them. We head up to a great broken causeway surrounded by a moat of black sludge. As we walk along the causeway, two Chaarda leap out of the slime but we drive them back. Within the confines of the tower, we are ambushed undead humanoids and a huge plant creature. We deal with these, and manipulate a control panel and lift to reach the second level, where we are welcomed by a Remorhoaz, which we defeat, break open some crystal doors and then we are again attacked by crystal scorpion like creatures. We defeat them, and find the room they’ve been occupying contain many crystalline formations which seem to some kind of machine or mechanism, perhaps the means to disable the energy cloud.

Further up the tower, we come to a windswept chamber where Katiyana awaits with her hoarfrost guardians which we engage in combat. We defeat the winged woman, whose spirit merges into the storm orb, which explodes in a flash of light and disappears. Hopefully the storms plaguing this whole region will eventually disperse. She carries a letter written by another, speaking of a frozen lord. The storm tower is actually an ancient tower and my recollections don’t give me any insight into it’s function. The crystal on the second floor making up the mechanism don’t seem to linked to the storms.

We reach the rook of the tower, and somehow, Cusp perceives the Nameless Spire, as if it is the middle of the day and the Black Hart peering back at him and beckoning us closer. On our decision to go the Nameless Spire, the storms and blizzards seem to subside. The Black Hart seems surely to be beckoning us. We reach the Nameless Spire, and surrounding it, there are thousands of walking dead. We come to the outskirts of a frozen ancient ruined city, at the centre of which looms the great Spire. The Spire is a solid structure with a pointed tip like an obelisk. Of course it is polar night, so we cannot see beyond our lights but we know it to be there.

We come to a city square, and horrifying screams pierce the night, shaking some of us to the bone. Further on, a great ice Hydra bursts from a hollow but we defeat it easily. Further on again, we are accosted by a furred Yeti henchman of the Black Hart. The creature has been placed under a magical oath to destroy us and Cusp suggests we don’t kill it, but the party doesn’t agree and decides to deal with it in the most extreme of ways.


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